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Gay Marriage: A Serious Family Issue

Gay Marriage

Gay marriages is a huge issue which many political figures debate and discuss whether couples of the same sex should be granted the license to get married. Many people stand on their principle that gay marriage is morally and ethically improper. On the other hand, there are also supporters who know about the idea of gay marriage and fight on making it acceptable in the law. Same-sex couples formed organizations to which they can freely state their insights and opinions on the issue as to make it considerable in the society.

Supporters of gay marriage have increased in number each year because they have concluded some beneficial factors that it provides. They believe that allowing same-sex marriage can introduce a firm foundation of marriage to the children. It betters their perspective by looking at heterosexuals starting to grow their relationships after seeing healthy homosexual relationships. Moreover, it also benefits the homosexuals because just like any other regular married couple, they are also provided with all the rights such as tax, inheritance and insurance benefits. Like any other ordinary heterosexuals, gays and lesbians are human beings. People’s rights do not differ based on whatever their sexual orientation is. Just like individuals with straight gender orientation, they claim that they should also be given equal rights for the fact that they are people who are just committed to love and relationship the different way of having the same biological gender. Those who desire to engage in same-sex marriage shall be allowed on this aspiration.

As much as lesbians and gays are so certain of the approval of same-sex marriage, there are also those who believe that gay marriage should not be allowed. There are organizations who hope to ban this movement because they firmly believe that marriage between same sex couples will harm the community around them. There are so many rules that anti-gay marriage movement want to justify like what was stated on Biblical inerrancy. There is a portion in the Bible which can be read at Leviticus 18:22, it prohibits homosexuality and God’s law must be obeyed. The Bible, which millions of people believe in, is not in favor of same-sex marriage. As a primary result of this, people choose to fight against gay marriage and try as much as possible to oppose and ban it in fear of committing a major sin against God. However, pro-gay marriage people stand for what they deem as right through sharing their huge opinion that there is a big difference between religious beliefs and civil rights. In turn, the American Civil Liberties Union, which is a highly acclaimed national organization that defends civil rights, guaranteed to United States citizens that state marriage laws are entirely separate from religious practices in the country. Additionally, they have stated that granting civil marriage to same-sex lovers has nothing to do with religious groups. Instead, it would impose equal rights just like any other ordinary citizens who are in a relationship.







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Coping with Divorce

No one enters into marriage and intentionally breaks the relationship thereafter. Splitting up is still a decision of two individuals who used to love and care for each other as if they were not aware of the ill upshot after years of togetherness and shared pleasures. Though it is a rapidly increasing condition among wedded couples especially in the Western area where it is prevalent, people who are involved are not easily accustomed to the breakup. It is not easy to live differently from the way you used to live, and it is so much painful to think of the beautiful connection which later on turned out morbid and futile. It must be so hard to live differently from the life you once vowed to live to for the rest of your life with someone who once mattered the whole world to you.  This situation gradually reveals a lot of emotions including anger, anxiety, despair, worry, fear and the loss of confidence.

 During a divorce, it is not only the estranged couples who suffer from this atrocious situation. The children are actually the ones who are more stressed and vehemently damaged by this. This is a sad and confusing part wherein they are likely to feel uncertain, uneasy and angry. But no matter what this process brings, this should and must be dealt well with all due acceptance. While the procedure is ongoing, the parents take the biggest responsibility to let their children understand and accept this unexpected happening in their lives. They should exert full effort to help the kids cope with divorce by reassuring them their needs and providing them stability.

It is normal for kids going through their parents’ divorce to get puzzled and be physically rebellious at some point. But this should never stop the parents to take utmost control of them and prioritize them more than their yearning for their own freedom or their quest for another love. It is understandable that this shall bring mixed emotions which include anxiety, distress and emotional troubles, that is why the parents should at least let the children speak their minds and in the long run explain to them that there are just things that do not last and are not meant to be. It is very important for the presence of the parents’ care, support and supervision to be felt by the children so as not to cause them so much hurt and grief. These feelings shall pass and will soon subside no matter how long it takes. All you need is patience and kindness to your own self so you won’t find yourself  messing up again with what was already done in the past.



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